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The past few weeks have been quite interesting for my family. Last week our neighbor’s dogs managed to enter our fence and attacked my wife’s cat, Tucker. Our dog Beau tried to fend them off, but it was too late. Tucker is now recovering from multiple lacerations and a dislocated elbow.
In addition to this, some other things that have been going on outside of my family that have left me and little down and even a little bitter. I’ve been a follower of Christ for a few years now, and I definitely know that bitterness, anger and the like are NOT fruits of the Holy Spirit, but these are part of my old nature that I struggle with quite often. I struggle and fall into those so easily…
Finally yesterday morning I resolved to pray about this bitterness and let it go. That’s when the blessings started. After I’d been a few hours at work, my neighbor’s insurance called to ask a few questions. Later they called to say that they’re covering Tucker’s veterinarian bills. That was only one of the blessings!
I find myself in awe of God’s handiwork. I know that he’ll provide, but all too often I worry. I know that God can be trusted, that he’s always faithful, but all too often I live like I have to do this on my own.
Again I find God having to remind me of these simple concepts:

  • Trust God.
  • Forgive.
  • Pray when you have trouble doing those things.

I started this blog because I’m “addicted” to music.  My free time on the internet is usually divided between sarcastic and/or silly replies to someone’s Facebook status 🙂 and looking for new music.  Because of this it always seems like music is the most frequently chosen way that God speaks to me.  It is a rare occurrence, but I’ll hear a song where lyrics are so impacting they rattle around in my head for the remainder of the day…and sometimes into the next.  Often I dwell on the words, and a high percentage of the time, find them, almost verbatim, in the bible.  I started this blog to share those occurrences.

Yesterday was one of those instances where a song really hit me.  I stumbled across a MySpace page called Enter the Worship Circle.  The third song in the player, “Orphan’s Song” by Karla Adolphe, is what hit me.  You can preview  it on here or check out this youtube video that has the music in the background.

It’s a simple song, just her vocals and a guitar, but the message is really strong.  I can so identify with the first verse, since it was only a few years ago that I found Christ, and still remember that emptiness…

Here are the lyrics:

We are the orphan boys, we are forgotten girls
We are lost and far from home
We are the fatherless, born of dust and nothingness
We are lost and far from home

There is no love like Yours in all the earth
There is no love like Yours in the universe
There is no love that heals my broken heart
There is no love like Yours at all

I’ve heard about a foreign land, about a son and His great big dad
I’m making my plans to be there
They say it’s a beautiful place, full of big wide open spaces
I’m making my plans to be there

There roads have familiar names, this town has not changed
I’m finding my way back home
You call me daughter, you call me son, you call me back into Your arms
I’m finding my way back home

Pessimist: A person who expects the worst.

For years, probably since my teen years, I had this attitude that if I expected failure, I would never be let down. What a terrible place to live. There were tons of things I didn’t pour much (if any) effort into because of that expectation of failure. If you let that attitude shape your life, it can ruin it.

At 17 and directly out of High School I was enrolled in college and dropped out before I finished my first semester. A while later I enrolled at another university closer to home, made it through a few semesters, and quit again. It took three attempts at furthering my education before I finally stuck with it (and much support from my wife…yeah…this was years later).

It even took a few times of trying to get Christ in my life before I really dedicated myself. I was afraid to really ask Him into my life because I was afraid that I’d fail and disappoint Him. When I finally asked Christ into my life it was only after I realized that I didn’t have to perfect first. In fact I didn’t realize this until my wife coerced me into going to church, and I heard the worship team sing these words: “A thousand times I’ve failed, still your mercy remains”. Those words worked on me for a while, and I was tired of failing. A lot of things in my life seemed to be going wrong, and I knew that I couldn’t make it any longer without some sort of hope.

Hope is what I got. I realized that things wouldn’t always go wrong, and even when they did, it wasn’t “the end of the world”. This isn’t to say that I don’t have bad days and I don’t chicken out. There have been a few years since I finally chose hope over doubt. Some days I still hold back and don’t take the chances that I know I should. However there are certainly more days now that I’m reminded that even when I think I’ve failed, God still loves me. Keep trying even if the odds seem to be stacked against you. There is purpose even in our perceived failures. Romans 8:28 (NIV): “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Not that it really needs any proving, but I am living proof of the truth in that verse. How’s that? If I hadn’t “failed” at my two attempts at going to college, I would not have moved back in with my parents, met my wife and made it to church only to hear the message that God could love a “failure” like me.