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Category Archives: Bionicle

Dear Lego,
Hope you guys are having fun sitting in your cubicles laughing at me! As I search stores and the web for this one particular Bionicle toy that apparently doesn’t exist, except for in display cases in the major retailers, I realize the genius of your marketing. You guys released a movie a few months ago to build up hype. Now that it’s Christmas time, my kid wants the Bionicle figure of the main character/hero, Mata Nui, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
I do find the tags on the shelves, and I even found it online once on one of the major retailer’s websites…or I thought I did. I read the description and was moving my mouse to the add to cart button, when my browser refreshed and it suddenly went out of stock. Before my very eyes, the hopes of completing my shopping list vanished. I bet you guys fell out of your chairs laughing so hard!
However, if I were so inclined, I could buy the extra-large Toa Mata Nui for $50. There are plenty of those online. I’m onto you guys!  I’m watching you! Just so you know.