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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ethan’s mp3 player (a Christmas present from last year) kicked the bucket last night. So we made a quick trip to Target and found something in the same price range with the same features.  It became apparent pretty quickly, though, that they saved a ton of money on the user manual (by paying someone with English as a second language).
First, as a side note I have to mention that it’s ridiculous that so much theft of electronics in retail occurs that they have to package electronics in Kryptonite!

Here are a few excerpts:
“NOTE: Do not throw the product into fire to avoid danger of explosion”   Should I be concerned that this thing may explode?  I could understand if my son decided to put Jonas Brothers on it.   I’m pretty sure if I were an mp3 player, I’d want to spontaneously combust if I had to play something as horrible as that.  (Wait a second!  Is it really that spontaneous if it’s done on purpose?)

“We Want You Listening For a Lifetime”  This is an unrealistic expectation and contradictory to you warning to “not immerse into water or get soaked since the battery charging function will be lost”.  Nevermind the possibility of mild electrocution!  So if I can’t throw it into fire if I suddenly feel like it will explode, and I can’t immerse it it water, what do I do??

From the troubleshooting section:  “My computer goes wrong when I disconnect the Player.”  I promise I’m not making this one up!  I don’t even know what to say about that.  I’ve been in somewhat of a support role for about 8 yrs, and I’ve never heard anyone use that terminology.  I have to say that I’m a little curious.  Maybe I’ll unplug and plug it back in until I see what happens.  Oh wait.  I better not do that.  The mp3 player is apparently prone to explosion as indicated in the notes….


If you haven’t heard of Fiction Family you should definitely check them out.  I was playing around on Youtube and came across them covering Radiohead’s “Idioteque”.   They actually transition to their song “Elements Combined”. It’s pretty sweet!