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My project for the year:  to restore my Dad’s Fender Telecaster bass.  This thing was in decent shape when I first started learning to play bass….so long ago I’d rather not mention.  I put some hours on this thing as you can tell by the wear at the edge on the bottom left.

I think it’s a 72, if this site is correct.  The serial number on the neck plate is in the 350000’s.

This is what it’s should look like.



  1. Hello,

    Just my humble opinion, but I would leave that bass just like it is if it were me. Why? Becasue the more original it is the more valuable it is. Plus, the way it is now….. IS LOADED WITH MOJO !!!

    My advise? Go post this on with a question in the subject line that states “Should I restore my Dad’s ’72 Tele Bass?”

    My bet is 90% would say that it is so awesome right now that they would keep it vintage original.

    It’s your choice, and I respect whatever you do…. but from a fellow afficiando of Fender Tele Basses, you have a VINTAGE TREASURE there! I’d keep it original.

    Good luck with whatever you do!

    Sin cerely,

    Dan W. Howard
    Tulsa, OK

  2. Thanks Dan. I guess I should have been more specific. I would never do anything to the paint! I just want to replace some of the missing parts: the knobs and the bridge plate, and fix the nut on it (notice the bread tie holding the strings in place 🙂 ) I guess that doesn’t really qualify as a restoration after all.

  3. Ooh! That’s a real nice bass there! I’ve always loved the Tele Bass. Good luck with your restoring job.

  4. If you restore that bass, not only do you make the value go down but you cover all the stores behind such an awesome bass.

    No way would I ever consider restoring that bass!

  5. Hi,
    I’d obviously get the missing knob and the nut fixed. The bridge cover can be replaced quite simply, though I wouldn’t bother if it was mine, as they get in the way. My personal preference!

    I certainly wouldn’t refinish it. It looks pretty cool as it is.

    Enjoy your bass!

  6. Do not refinish it.

  7. I would do a “light” restoration: Clean that red line on the head, and replace the knobs and tug bar. Other than that, I wouldn’t touch it. (Except to play it of course! )

  8. Sorry, just realized that was no line on the head, should’ve looked closer, my bad. so yeah, just the knobs nut and tug bar. Also the bridge cover if you feel so inclined. I’d also try to get as many original ’70s parts on ebay and elsewhere as I could, if not there are reproductions available.

  9. Nice-looking bass! Yeah, find some O.E.M. parts for those missing, but I wouldn’t do anything else to it outside a set of strings and a set-up. Have fun!

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